Innaguaral Post: Gravedigger Illustrations and a Look Inside the Writing Cave




I wanted to share this interview with my wonderful illustrator, Graham Carter. Here, he talks about the challenge of illustrating a novel, and provides some early sketches of book's cover. It's a fun glimpse into the creative process. Hope you enjoy!



Early sketch that would ultimately become the final cover.



Inside the Cave




The Cave

The Cave

Writers are strange creatures. We seem to thrive anywhere. I know some folks who love to write in public places. I've tried, but I get too distracted and just end up people watching. Some writers can do it on the fly, cramming in a half hour here, a few minutes there...jotting down notes on napkins or in their phones.

Turns out, I'm way too ritualistic. I need to go at my own pace, surrounded by things that inspire me. I'm a collector...everything from Universal Monsters to Japanese vinyl figures. When you're facing a blank page with Godzilla staring you down, you'd better hope you can come up with some good words. That goes for the Creature and Frankenstein, as well. They're good people to have in your corner.

I can't write in absolute silence, but too much excess noise breaks my concentration. I seldom listen to music when I write, and when I do, it's usually soundtracks. John Carpenter's scores for The Fog and Prince of Darkness are a few personal favorites. More often than not, I'll put on a movie with the volume turned down so I can just barely hear it. There's something soothing about a familiar film playing in the background. I don't know why this works, but it does. The Blob is a favorite, as is Dead Alive, an early Peter Jackson zombie flick that has the best death-by-lawnmower scene ever captured on film.

I do have some company when I write:



This is Nymeria. She's the baby of the coven, and my first beta reader. Nothing gets past the first-draft stage until Nym gives the go-ahead.

And here we have Patches. The lovable, sixteen year old curmudgeon. I've tried to get her to read my stuff. She's not impressed.

Her stare can be unsettling at times.

Her stare can be unsettling at times.


There will be a lot more as The Gravedigger's Son nears its publication date. Until then, I hope you've enjoyed a peek inside the creation of The Gravedigger's Son cover, a glance into the cave, and half of the cat coven.

Until next time, ghouls and gals...


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